Oh Caz, you are SO right.

Oh Caz, you are SO right.

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Logan here.

The very best thing since sliced bread. Or TV. Which came first again?

Anyway, I'm a student, and this is my place to find interesting artworks, clever people, and learn stuff. LOL just kidding, it's for the lols mostly.

How many 'facts' posted on here are true?

I'm a big fan of music, play guitar bass and piano, and I am starting my interest in photography with a 35mm slr. Retro cool... Though I'm not really an artistic person.

I love the x files, Dexter, Scrubs, Wire in the Blood, House... LOTS OF GOOD TV STUFF.

Keep it classy tumblr.

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You know when you want to find something out about someone, but you can't ask them? Just do it (no endorsement intended)

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